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  • All parts which are not attached to the carcass are called tripe products. This generic designation is the only commun point of all these so different pieces.
  • The red tripe products are sold as they are, brain, testicles, livers, plucks, sweetbread and kidneys of lamb.
  • The white tripe products have been warmed and blanched making an ivory-white colour : head, paunches, knuckles of lamb.
  • great variety of tastes and texture, a source of proteins, and also vitamins and trace elements.
  • So, all products that you find in your shop are fit for consumption.

Les Abats   List of our selected offal :

  • Plucks,
  • Livers,
  • Hearts,
  • Sweetbread,
  • Paunches,
  • Guts,
  • Heads,
  • Brains,
  • Tongues,
  • Testicles,
  • Knuckles,
  • Entire offals.
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