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  1. All lamb offals can be commercialized ?
    • YESwithout any exception for all lambs and goats aged less than 12 months, and for sheep + 12 months with an exception on the brain and the spinal cord..

  2. As a producer of ovines, which rank does France hold within the EEC ?
    • 3rd, France has the 3rd position behind the UK and Spain..

  3. The Farm Lamb of Quercy was the first RED LABEL ovine ?
    • YES, it was presented by the Association des Producteurs d'Agneaux Fermiers du Quercy, certified and confirmed in 1984..

  4. In France, people rather buy meat in super or hyper markets ?
    • YES, 72.5 % of the ovine meat is sold in super or hypermarkets..

  5. Does the lamb meat has to be kept at the coldest place in your fridge ?
    • YES, its conservation will be better. It should be eaten preferably within 3 to 4 days. If you freeze it at - 18 C you can conserve it up to 6 - 9 months..

  6. Is France the first land of ovine meat consumers ?
    • NO, it is the second one after the UK and Spain..

  7. Is the moufflon the ancestor of the lamb ?
    • YES,the first moufflons were domesticated in the year ard. 9500 BC. They had a marvellous rusticity and produced meat, leather, and wool.

  8. Which is the number of lambs of French ovine livestock ?
    • 10 millions, exactly .9.2 millions and 97 000 farmings.

  9. In France, which is the ovine meat consumption per year and per inhabitant ?
    • 3 to 5 kg, 3.9 kg per year and per inhabitant against 14,9 kg of beef and 3.5 kg of veal meat..

  10. Is the South Pyrenean region the first region of France of ovine production ?
    • YES, it has a livestock of 1.300.000 ewes of which 600.000 are feeding..

  11. DESTREL Company only commercializes ovines ?
    • YES, they are specialised in sheep and goats for four generations and located in the South Pyrenees..

  12. Can you talk about lamb and sheep without differentiating them ?
    • NO, the lamb is the little one of the sheep. It is only called lamb up to 12 months. After that it becomes a sheep. This is very important for your shoppings. Ask for it..

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